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In reports with rodents, Wegovy® and medicines that perform like Wegovy® caused thyroid tumors, which include thyroid cancer. It's not at all regarded if Wegovy® will result in thyroid tumors or possibly a type of thyroid cancer termed medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) in folks

inflammation of your pancreas (pancreatitis). Stop applying Wegovy® and simply call your healthcare supplier straight away if you have extreme pain in the stomach spot (abdomen) that will not disappear, with or without vomiting. Chances are you'll feel the pain from your abdomen for your back

If you decide on Wegovy “prescription only”, you will only get a Wegovy prescription, which you will need to fill at an area chemist.

to lessen the potential risk of main cardiovascular functions for example Loss of life, heart assault, or stroke in adults with recognized heart ailment and with possibly obesity or overweight.

NEW INDICATION To reduce the risk of MACE* in adults with proven cardiovascular disease and either obesity or overweight, with diet program and exercise1

Wegovy has limits on its use for weight administration. To learn more, see “Is Wegovy used for weight loss and weight management?” underneath.

This contains any over-the-counter supplements or products marketed for weight loss. They may suggest that you prevent taking other medications or products for weight loss if they prescribe Wegovy.

Wegovy prescription requirements vary depending on Should you be a individual through the NHS or A personal clinic.

Wegovy® may possibly affect just how some medicines operate and some medicines could impact the best way Wegovy® is effective. Inform your Health care supplier Should you be getting other medicines to treat diabetes, like sulfonylureas or insulin.

Wegovy, or semaglutide, generally has a comparatively long half-daily life, which means it remains active with your procedure for an extended interval. Wegovy provides a half-life of about one week, which indicates One's body removes 50 percent of the medication in about one particular 7 days.

improve in vision in folks with type two diabetes. Notify your Health care provider When you have adjustments in vision in the course of treatment with Wegovy®

really serious allergic reactions. Stop utilizing Wegovy® and acquire medical assistance straight away, click here Should you have any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, like swelling of your confront, lips, tongue, or throat; troubles breathing or swallowing; critical rash or itching; fainting or emotion dizzy; or pretty rapid heartbeat

Constipation can be done with Wegovy treatment. This was One of the much more common side effects documented by individuals who took Wegovy in studies. But no person in these research stopped taking Wegovy because of constipation.

Your medical doctor or pharmacist can inform you more about the potential side effects of Wegovy. They may counsel means to aid reduce side effects.

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